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Here at J & C Auto Salvage, we provide top-quality salvage auto parts to save your money. You can find it fast, and we'll get it to you anywhere in the United States. We have a full stock of parts for most makes and models, and we specialize in foreign parts.

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You can easily find the part you need in our extensive inventory of salvaged car parts. You're sure to find what you are looking for in our huge database!

Warranty information: 

• Standard 90-day exchange

• 30-day, money-back guarantee

• 6 and 12-month warranties available.

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If you need help looking for a part, or you have questions about our services, give us a call today! We also have a toll-free number available - visit our contact page for more information.

You'll find what you need in our large inventory of car parts for most makes and models.